Mobile application development

We are an IT software development company offering professional software development and support for various platforms and mobile applications along with depending services, including multimedia applications, DRM solutions, navigation, and mobile clients of different company subsystems.

    Supported platforms:
  • iPhone, iPad
  • Android
  • Symbian, Nokia S60
  • Blackberry
  • J2ME

We offer services from User Interface design, implementation, to testing.

Interactive solutions and interfaces

Our company is specialized in augmented reality and interactive solutions, such as on-line 3D worlds and shared spaces. With many years of experience in the mobile application arena, the company has developed a variety of applications ranging from network-based mobile services to high-tech applications such as augmented reality games and tracking-based interactive solutions.

Our mobile phone programs are also used as input devices to control many novel applications geared towards interactive shared spaces, virtual shops, education, entertainment, serious gaming and perceptive interfaces.

Middleware systems

We implemented a set of services that allows multiple processes running on our servers to interact, which are used to support and simplify our complex distributed applications. It includes mostly web servers supporting our mobile applications, processing data from very different 3rd party systems, e.g. financial records, RSS feeds, direct database access, also using open-source solutions like Mosquitto to deliver MQTT messages to subscribers.

We use modern information technology based on XML, SOAP, Web services, and service-oriented architecture.



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