GPS and cell-based tracking and navigation systems
using GPRS
  • Would you want to know where your sales representatives travel all day? And where they are now?
  • Would you want to know, where are your lorries, when are they loaded and unloaded? When will they arrive, will they be late?
  • Would you want to know the velocity and the fuel consumption of your vehicles?
Our solution:

Information is being sent using programmable mobile phones, via GPRS, that reports the location (based on an external GPS device or based on cell information) in each 2 - 60 minutes. Because of the frequent reports, the current location of the mobile phone is always at service.

Using GPRS, the costs of communication is reduced comparing to the widely used SMS messages.

The mobile phone can communicate with any BlueTooth wireless device, e.g. with a GPS receiver, or with a BlueTooth transmitter attached to the information current of a lorry.

Our system is web-based, i.e. there is no need to install it, it simply requires an Internet browser. We also may host the server and the application, if required.

Advantages of using GPRS:
  • On-line;
  • Reduced costs;
  • No memory cards are required, information is transferred only via GPRS.
To get the current location, we offer two choises:
  • Using cell information: in cities, it offers an accuracy of 300 meters, in the country, the accuracy is dropped to 2km. No additional hardware is required.
  • GPS: Accuracy is about 10m, but may have problems in garages, or among high buildings. A BlueTooth-capable GPS is required.

Licenses or complete solution.

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