E-Mail Password Recovery 1.02

Retrieves saved, but forgotten passwords in e-mail clients



Supported languages:


* Add VAT for EU countries for these payments

Credit cards include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Eurocard, Eurocheques, and others, for all counries.

Future upgrades are free for registered users.

[ISO] codes shows supported languages/countries.

Have you forgotten the password of your mailbox?

This is a very useful tool to recover it. May be used with all e-mail clients (the program behaves like a fake SMTP server).


  • start the program on your phone;
  • in the Mailbox settings, set ''Incoming mail server'' to ''localhost'' (without the quotes), and ''Mailbox type'' to ''POP3'';
  • Open the mailbox, connect (it displays as if there won't be any messages), then disconnect;
  • Switch back to this program (or start it again), and you will see the user name and password.

Don't forget to write the name of the mail server back, and connect again to get your messages back (the e-mails on your e-mail server are not deleted in any case).

Trial version

The Demo version shows only the first two characters of the password, please purchase the program for getting the full password.

Supported phones

Nokia 7650, 3650, 3600, 6600, Siemens SX-1 is supported.

What's new in 1.02:

  • Error when starting the program (registered users) corrected.

What's new in 1.01:

  • Registration problem for some devices corrected.
Tips and FAQ
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