E-Mail Sender 1.23

Helps if you cannot send e-mails; sends e-mails through an SMTP server that requires authentication



Supported languages:


* Add VAT for EU countries for these payments

Credit cards include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Eurocard, Eurocheques, and others, for all counries.

Future upgrades are free for registered users.

[ISO] codes shows supported languages/countries.

Can't you send e-mails?

This is a tool that allows the sending of e-mails through an SMTP server that requires authentication.


  • install the program on your phone;
  • in the Mailbox settings (Menu/Messages/Settings/E-mail/Mailboxes), set 'Outgoing mail server' to 'localhost' or '' (for Nokia 6630) - without the quotes;
  • start E-Mail Sender, and set the SMTP server address (port number if necessary, like, login name, and password.

After these steps, you can send e-mails using the built-in message application. The program works automatically, even after rebooting the phone.

After upgrading the program, please restart your phone!

Supported SMTP servers

SMTP servers with AUTH LOGIN and AUTH PLAIN are supported. It is strongly recommended to try this software before purchasing, because we can not guarantee that it works with all possible SMTP servers (e.g. some SMTP servers accept requests only from its local network).

Trial version

You can send 30 e-mails using the trial version, purchase it if you want to send more e-mails.

What's new in 1.23:

  • port number for outgoing server.

What's new in 1.22:

  • Nokia 6630;
  • registration error corrected;
  • Hungarian text translated.

What's new in 1.21:

  • missing trial period corrected.

What's new in 1.20:

  • German, Hungarian;
  • stripped messages corrected.

What's new in 1.10:

Tips and FAQ
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