The products listed here are shareware programs, not freeware. This means that some kind of limitation is implemented into the programs, e.g. the number of levels are limited.

In order to make all functions available you must purchase the program.

You can purchase a program:
  • on-line, using the links below (credit cards, wire transfer), usually takes 5 minutes (max. 1 day),
  • by post (send the correct amount of cash to the address below), takes 1 - 2 weeks,
  • internetes fizetésre alkalmas bankkártával,
  • via PayPal, sending the money to, takes 1 - 3 days.

You will receive the registration code in e-mail.

For Psion programs, the registration code should be entered in the program in the Registration menu, and your program will be registered and the limitations will be lifted. The purchase procedure requires the input of the unique id of your machine (press Ctrl + Shift + Q at the file manager, and you receive the unique id, this looks like '1000-118A-xxxx-xxxx' or '0908-0001-xxxx-xxxx'.

For Nokia Series 60 programs, the purchase procedure requires the input of the IMEI number (obtain your 15-digit IMEI by pressing *#06# on your phone). You have to enter the registration code right after the start screen (except Currency, where the registration is automatical).

Programs and prices
(in several currencies):
oder Bankeinzug
Wire transfer*
Credit Card*
[GBR] [USA] ...**
Audio Player        
Caller Info 9.95€   9.95$ 9.95$
CellPos 9.95€   11.95$ 11.95$
Currency 9.95€   11.95$ 11.95$
DVDPlayer 14.95€ 14,95€ 19.95$ 19.95$
E-Mail Password Recovery 5€   5$ 5$
E-Mail Sender 7.95€   8$ 8$
GPSMap 9.95€ 9.95€ 11.95$ 11.95$
Locator     11.95$ 11.95$
Mp3Player 9.95€ 9,95€ 11.95$ 11.95$
Mp3Player 9.95€ 9.95€ 11.95$ 11.95$
Twittix 4.95€      
Wall     12$ 12$
WifiRadar 9.95€   4.95$ 4.95$

*Add VAT for EU countries for these payments

** further countries: [ITA] [ESP] [PRT] [RUS] [DNK] [GER] [FRA] [TUR]

Credit cards include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Eurocard, Eurocheques, and others, for all counries.

Future upgrades are free for registered users.

[ISO] codes shows supported countries.

Registration by Post:

Send cash (USD or EUR) to the following address:

Viking Informatics Ltd.
Karikás Frigyes u. 2/B.

Please include the program you want to register, and the Machine Unique ID / IMEI number of your machine.

If an e-mail address is included, the registration code will be sent to that address in 24 hours, otherwise by post.

Thank you for registering!
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